Choosing a Contractor
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The State of Michigan does not Regulate Brick Paving Services:

Why You Need to Choose your Contractor with Care The licenses and permits required for general construction projects do not apply to brick paving companies, which are neither regulated nor inspected by the State of Michigan.

The lack of regulation means there are no legal guideposts in making the critical choice of the company to which you entrust your project. We can’t emphasize strongly enough the importance of a very good referral or thorough homework on your end, because there are no statues to protect you should problems arise.

Brickside Paving’s president, Robert Bucci has held a Residential Builders Maintenance & Alteration Contractors License with the State of Michigan since 1990. We are “licensed,” insured, and able to provided references to confirm our claims.

We anxiously await the opportunity to serve you, whether the project is large or small please consider Brickside Paving for your next landscape/hardscape project.